Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mind. Body. Soul. (Art Journaling)

"Do South"
5 x 8 Strathmore Watercolor Journal

I've been having so much fun with my friend Leslie's online course, Mind. Body. Soul. Each week - among beautiful words of wisdom and positivity - she has suggested a one word journal prompt for us to explore. I'm happy to report that not only am I up-to-date (sorry, Life Book, I'm coming for you, I swear!) but I am also learning from the process of "letting go" within it. 

I have to admit that although I've always strived to make my journal pages "authentic" and from the heart, they have until now still been an attempt to create pretty pictures as well. In other words, I usually have the end result in mind while I am creating . . . . But not these days. I find myself learning more by doing more and working fast. Learning to go with my gut and not think about what it will look like in the end. 

The first page for the word of the week - DO - is below:

Rub-ons, stamping, vintage text and clip art.
"Ma" and "Pa" are written on the body of the birds.
A punched hole shows a sneak peek of the next page.
The back of the tag from the previous page, which you can see here.

The second page for the word, "DO" was inspired by a picture of Kendra and her tiny tot pony tails. I knew I wanted to incorporate this shot for a page inspired by her baby hair. Here is the original:

Easter, 2007

"Do you know?"
Stamped images colored with watercolor crayons and gel pens.
Text reads: "I am afraid this may be the last time."
Image printed with low ink and glued to the page.

I wanted to share this discovery ( new to me ;) I made today while trying to incorporate Kendra's picture on the page. When I went to print it out, I noticed that I was dangerously low on ink. Instead of changing the cartridges right away, I thought I'd see what would happen if I didn't. The result was a pink, distorted image that I loved. So I glued it to the page and went for it, color lines and all. Hmmm, I think I may print out a few more shots like this before I get fresh ink . . . .

Thank you for your time! 

Please feel free to check out Mind. Body. Soul. for next week's word, "Overcome." 

Kristin xo


Daniele Valois said...

oh the empty ink pic looks awesome! You smartie! I love the bow too. These are really coming together. There is a lightness, not pushed or rushed, flow to these pages. Well done darling! Well done!

Valerie-Jael said...

Beautiful work! Love the journal pages, and how you have printed out Kendra's photo. She looks so sweet with those tiny little pony tails! Hugs, Valerie

Julie said...

Kristin, this page is beautiful. And don't you just love 'happy accidents'! x Julie

K J D said...

I do this with the ink! You can get some interesting results... and ink is so expensive it feels good to use every last bit!!!!

Anyway.... I love your pages - so many lovely details to look at

I like how you have punched a hole and can peep through to the next page

I love the Easter bonnet pages so bitter sweet

Hope you have a wonderful Easter


Diane said...

This is the best way to journal and the way it should be--no preconceived idea--just your feelings--love it1

Anonymous said...

its so perfectly yours, beautifully done, love the low ink cartridge trick, how cool is that!

Unknown said...

I am really loving your journal pages. You use beautiful colors and fun images. They also have a great truth to them ans really speak to me. I love the picture that came from the low ink and how you incorporated it into the page. I am loving art journaling, but most of the time I am still just trying to make pretty pictures. You are inspiring me to do better.

scrapwordsmom said...

Don't you just love those happy accidents! Each of your pages are so beautiful...always so rich in color and meaning. I always am in awe of your talent, Kristin:)


mette laumann said...

Beautiful and nice art journal
Mette xo

Anonymous said...

Oooh! I love it Kristin! Absolutely wonderful! The printer failure-turned-great art journaling-technique, the peep hole to the next page...everything! This course really seems to suit you! Everything you produce is fabulous!

Unknown said...

first of all I love the pigtail photograph and to use it in a journal page is just so sweet. I think journals should come from letting things just flow...If I have to work to hard at it I will put it away and try again later. Pretty is nice but the emotion behind it is what makes it wonderful.

Scarlett Clay said...

These pages are awesome! And how cool for the faded print-out (low-ink) to turn out so perfect! And the little bow is soooo cute. I have that same bird stamp on my current post! I bet if you and I were in the same store we would show up at the counter with the same stuff in our baskets! :)

Unknown said...


Lesley Edmonds said...

These are fabulous pages Kristin. I particularly like the black and turquoise combination.

Cameron said...

Oh, baby hair....nothing quite like it, is there?! My daughter had a head full of curls until she was, stick straight.
Where did they all go, I wonder...

I love your journaling pages....I think the more you do, the easier it becomes to tap into your innermost thoughts and talents without having to prepare to do so first.
They are wonderful...and so are you :)

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness.. These pages are amazing. LOVE THEM!!

Taylor Bara said...

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