Monday, May 21, 2012

Ice Cream Flavorology . . .

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I know. I've never heard of it either. But according to, your favorite ice cream flavor actually says something about you! The list is limited (where's the Bubblegum? Rainbow Sherbet? And what would they do with Neapolitan's split personality?) nevertheless, I thought you'd enjoy a little laugh as we continue our countdown until The Summer of Color 2: Ice Cream Inspirations . . . .

Whatcha think: Is there any truth in this for you? How 'bout the "Romantic Compatibility"?

Butter Pecan 
If your favorite flavor is Butter Pecan, you might be characterized as the perfect worker. You are devoted, conscientious, respectful and fiscally conservative. You hold high standards for right and wrong and show integrity in all of your actions. This includes an extreme sensitivity for others’ feelings. You aren’t one to wear your heart on your sleeve; it takes a little encouragement from close friends and family to share your deepest thoughts.

{Romantic Compatibility: You are most romantically compatible with those who prefer Mint Chocolate Chip.}

Chocolate Chip 
As a chocolate chip lover, you are competitive and accomplished; no victory is sweet without a little hard work. Although you are competent and ambitious in love and work, you are generous with your time and money, never taking your blessings for granted. Your captivating personality makes you a shining star in social situations.

{Romantic Compatibility: You are most romantically compatible with those who prefer Butter Pecan or Double Chocolate Chunk}


As a coffee lover, you are lively, dramatic and flirtatious – thriving on the passion of the moment. Because you throw yourself into all that you do, you tend to be over-committed, starting new projects without finishing old ones. You tend to become bored by dull relationships and thrive on new and exciting ventures.

{Romantic Compatibility: You are most compatible with those who prefer Strawberry.}

Double Chocolate Chunk 
If you love Double Chocolate Chunk, you tend to be lively, creative and dramatic. Always the life of the party, you charm everyone you meet with your enthusiasm and sense of style. You enjoy being in the spotlight and prefer to be in the company of friends rather than left alone to reflect on life. You prefer passion and excitement in your romantic relationships, and require a lot of attention from your mate.

{Romantic Compatibility: You are most romantically compatible with those who prefer Butter Pecan or Chocolate Chip.}

Mint Chocolate Chip 
As a Mint Chocolate Chip lover, you tend to be ambitious and confident… yet a little skeptical about life. You are a realist who prepares for the future, needing a solid plan to feel secure. While your stubbornness is a business asset, it can add a challenging element to your relationships. Nonetheless, your loyalty, honesty and dependability create lasting friendships and close family ties.

{Romantic Compatibility: You are most compatible with other Mint Chocolate Chip lovers.}

Rocky Road 
If you opt for the rich, indulgent taste of Rocky Road, you tend to be a balanced mixture of charm and practicality. While you are outgoing and engaging in social situations, in the business world you tend to be more aggressive and goal-oriented. You enjoy being catered to, and appreciate the finer things in life. You are very sensitive to minor slights and respond best to encouragement rather than criticism.

{Romantic Compatibility: You are most compatible with other Rocky Road fan.}

A love for strawberry reveals a thoughtful, logical person who carefully weighs each option before making decisions. More a follower than a leader, you are content and effective working behind the scenes and out of the limelight. In relationships, you are often characterized as shy and reserved. Although you don’t fall head-over-heels in love at first sight, once you commit to a relationship, you are loyal and supportive.

{Romantic Compatibility: You are most compatible with those who prefer Strawberry, Rocky Road, Mint Chocolate Chip and Vanilla.}

There is nothing plain about Vanilla. In fact, if you love Vanilla, you are actually a colorful, dramatic risk taker who relies more on intuition than logic. Emotionally expressive and idealistic, you tend to set high goals for yourself, and push yourself to meet and exceed them. On the romantic front, you tend to rely on secure romantic relationships that fulfill your emotional needs while working toward future objectives.

{Romantic Compatibility: You are most romantically compatible with those who prefer Rocky Road.}

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Two weeks and counting . . . 
Kristin xo


craftattack said...

Heck - I love 'em all!! What does that say about me? Yeah, I got it, plain greedy!! Hugs, Valerie

Daniele Valois said...

How the F am I suppose to pick one flavor??? But, I think I am going to pick Mint Choc Chip as my first which is very interesting right now indeed!

Daniele Valois said...

This picture rocks my photography socks off!

Janelle said...

How do you choose, I just plain love ice cream in all its flavors.

ArtSings1946 said...

Ditto for me...I love a bunch of flavors and they keep coming up with more ... a real interesting one here is "it's your birthday cake", no cake but it does taste like one.

Thanks for this delitghtful and yummy post.

Happiness to all!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! The story behind flavor choices is interesting... never knew how much I was "telling" folks when I ordered a cone ;)

Mandy said... has to be rocky road...i am not a huge ice cream fan...but when i do indulge in chocolate rocky road is my know right...i think its all the years of dieting i have programmed my mind not to like it...although...almond coated MagnUS aren't too

sugar Creek said...

Well what the heck do you do if you like ALL of them?? lol!

Jenny said...

Just fabulous Kristin... I love your ice cream inspirations... and it just made me realize... I haven't been out for ice cream in a long time... when we lived on the Coast we would pop out for ice cream and sit on the beach to enjoy it quite regularly... but since we have moved... over 3 years ago now... we haven't done it once... even though winter is just about to hit us here in Australia... I think I'm going to take hubby for ice cream on the weekend... thanks for the inspiration... I wonder what flavors we will

Jenny x

Sunshineshelle said...

Ha Ha - great post, I'm going with Vanilla because wild-berry yogurt & blood orange sorbet wasn't here ;) Jenny - go for it - drive to Coolum, they make them fresh daily at CasaMia - got one yesterday for my babes & I - YUM

Diane said...

Oh My goodness--I like mint chocolate chip--and it's kind of scary how it describes me almost perfectly!
And so does my husband's--his flavor is compatible with my flavor--thank goodness for that--I would have been worried...

scrapwordsmom said...

Oh how I LOVE ice cream!! Butter pecan is my FAVE and coconut!!!!

Looking forward to your color challenge, Kristin!!!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

this is too funny...I looked at it and said my dad is Butter Pecan, read it, yep that's him. I think I am coffee - and - yes, I looked at the list before reading! coming back when I have more time to see if I get my husband right, I know he would pick strawberry.
cheers, dana

Heather Henry said...

haha, I love this. How fun! I do love ice cream and went for the Double Chocolate somewhat suits me, although I am not really a fan of the spotlight, that is a bit terrifying to me. :)
Yay for Summer of Color. I am sooo hoping I will have time to commit to it.
Have a lovely weekend!

Carin said...

Love, love, love this Kristin! I'm mint and chocolate chip all the way through, and my darling hubby is strawberry. Very funny! Thanks for the giggle (yes, I am this far behind on my blog reading lol)

Georgie Horn said...

I must be a little bit of all of them. My favorite is Ben and Jerry's "Everything but the..." Which has a little bit every in it. yum.