What is The Summer of Color?

The Summer of Color 2015: Color by Number!
A blog party celebrating art in all it's hues . . .

What was that you said?
We're gonna have a party. Think of it as a blog block party centered around the beautiful, bold and luscious colors of the rainbow. It's the stuff we arty people dream of. 

Well, what is it?
It is a free blog event that begins here Monday, June 1st, 2015. 

What will we do?
We will create. Here's the deal: beginning June First, you can log on here to see 6 weeks of color prompts sandwiched between an opening and closing week. The opening week will reveal all of the details of the SOC5 and discuss the ways you can choose to participate. (There will be no art in the Opening Week)

Tell me more.
We all love color. And we all create differently. The Summer of Color will allow us to work in our preferred medium, based upon a specific color prompt. In other words, the sky's the limit. It's all about creating, connection and fun during the lazy days of Summer.

What do you mean by our "preferred medium"?
What you do with each week's color prompt is up to you. Create anything you want - including but not limited to - inchies, moo cards, ATC's, postcards, jewelry, greeting cards, scrapbook layouts, canvas work, altered books, journal pages, assemblage art, digital art and even poetry and photography. As long as it features the colors we are working on that week. 

What then?
Every Monday from June 8th on, I will provide a color prompt on this blog. You will then have until Sunday of the same week (10:00 am, Pacific Daylight Time) to create whatever you'd like and link it to a widget that will be below the post. To view examples of past year's artwork, check out our Summer of Color Flicker group here. To join The Summer of Color Facebook group, head over here.

Who can participate?
Anyone who has a blog, Facebook or a Flicker account can participate. You may even choose to include the kiddies. And there is no cost. Just a lotta fun.

Anything else?
Glad you asked. I want this event to be successful. The only way to really meet and connect with new people is to have a lot of us participate. With that in mind, there will be a weekly giveaway for all who join in. The winners will be selected at random, via a Random Number Generator.

Did you say weekly giveaways?

I can't wait! Bring on June 1st!
I feel the same way! Thank you for your excitement. Please feel free to pass it on - there's a fabulous button on my sidebar if you decide that you can't live without it . . . And see you soon . . . 

Kristin xo


Anita Van Hal said...

Hey Kristin! I can't wait to participate again! Last summer was so much fun!!! Thanks for doing this again this year! Love and hugs!

Tanya said...

This is exciting I hope to be well enough to participate myself. It sounds perfect and nice and slow. Easy to do and fun creative flares sparking our own creativity. Great Idea and thank you for making it open to everyone.

JessiVille said...

Hi Kristin! I will try to participate again this year - hopefully I'll have more time by then, lol.
Jessi xox

missy k said...

This was so much fun last year....

I'm so happy you are doing it again :)


peggy gatto said...

I love this opportunity, thnaks

Lenna Young Andrews said...

My friend Joanna did this last year and I love watching it unfold. i am going to try to join you this year!!

Liz said...

Oooh, sounds interesting. I'm willing to give it a go.


Magaly Guerrero said...

Mm, lovely colors... words and colors... shapes and colors... yum!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Your description of the event made me think of Virginia Woolf's description of how she would portrait a flower if she were a painter and not a writer in her "A Sketch from the Past."

Magaly Guerrero said...

Oooh! I just saw the bit about letting the kiddies play--my Little Princess will be in paradise!

Heather Henry said...

Sooo excited to join again! :) Yay! Thanks so much for putting this on, I know it's a lot of hard work to plan these and you do it so well. I truly appreciate it and I'm certain everyone else does too. Thank you!! :)

Giggles said...

Sounds fun! I hope I'm not too bogged down with obligations so I too can join!! I love color!!

Hugs Giggles

okienurse said...

I am definitely going to try and play along for more then a few weeks this year. I have decreased commitments So I have more time for art. Bring it on!!

Sharon said...

Looks great! I am looming forward to participating :)

Sharon said...

... That would be looking* haha!

Anonymous said...

This sounds wonderful and a great way to create inspired Art. Thank you so much for the opportunity. :)

Anonymous said...

Have added the badge onto my blog, look forward in participating. :)

Fishcake_random said...

I've popped the badge on my blog to, and am hoping to join in :)
I'm just finishing off my first blog party on Friday and I am hooked, so this is perfect timing to join in with.
x x x

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

This sounds like an awful lot of fun! I'm in!!


Anonymous said...

This sounds deliciously fun! Please include me. Thank you.

Deepa Gopal Sunil said...

Sounds like lot of fun & interesting stuff and the post is really COOL!!!!
Would love to join as well :)

Manon said...

I love colour so I think I will have to join in!

Sharon said...

Count me in. Last year was so much fun.

Lolamouse said...

Just discovered your blog, thanks to Ella at Ella's Edge. What a great idea! You got my creative juices flowing and now I'm craving strawberry lemonade!

Nic McLean said...

yay! I enjoyed last year's so much I'm definitely joining in again this year!

linda said...

I'm in! I really had fun last year with the ice cream colors!

Beth Morey said...

Awesome! Sign me up! :)

BJ said...

Loved it last year, count me in please. BJ

Anita Van Hal said...

I'm in again this year...my third...the past two years have been so much fun!

Paula Jennings said...

Last year was a blast. Can't wait to start again!

Bring on those bright hot colors!

Michellem said...

WHOO HOO!! sounds like fun - I always love a good challenge to jumpstart the creativity!

Margie Welch said...

sounds like fun! I'd like to try it!

Fishcake_random said...

I'm in!!!!
I have even popped my pillowcases from last year on the bed this week so I can prepare mentally lol.
Super excited about what this year could mean. And wondering just what to embroider this time :)

x x x

Erika Nittel-Traser said...

Dear Kristin,
it sounds so beautiful ! I wpuld be a pleasure for meto be a part of this Event!
Thank you so much for this challenge !
Love and hugs

Devonne said...

OOOOoooooo sounds like fun! I just found you while doing some blog surfing, Looking for inspiration.

Jessica Peters said...

I want to do this! :)

Kim said...

I'm so excited to be joining in this year!

Diana Evans said...

oh hurray!!!! can't wait to participate!!!!

Kelly_Deal said...

Hi Kristin! I'm new to your blog. Looking forward to participating!

Tammie Lee said...

this sounds like fun. i have never joined in, but i think i will this time. thank you for hosting!

Denise said...

EEKS! Now I have to catch up.I had forgotten, I will start today :)

jeanie g said...

I only just found this can I join in now? It looks loads of fun and just what I need to do right now.

Annabelle Reid said...

Hi, I have just stumbled on to your blog and would love to join in. Am I too late ?

Marie Z. Johansen said...

Just found you! Is it too late to participate?
Is there a sign up?

Victoria said...

Hi Kristin , hope it is ok to participate late in the game..this sounds like such fun and I am new to it all! Thanks for hosting!

Anonymous said...

I would have loved to participate in this. How can I put my name down to play with you all next year?
Carol aka Traveller

Carmen Whitehead said...

I'm really looking forward to participating this year! I put your button on my blog. www.serendipitystudiobycw.blogspot.com thanks!

kat said...

This sounds fun, I like the idea very much, I'll try to participate when the time comes!

Annie Claxton said...

oooooohhhhh ... intriguing! Can't wait to see what you come up with this year Kristin, how exciting :o)

Trisha Trixie Hunter said...

had to drop out last year for personal reasons but ready to be back in this again let's get our art on baby!

Kim said...

I have been soooo looking forward to this, count me in!! xo

MeOfCourse said...

Totally looking forward to it.

Karla B said...

This is si exciting. The last Summer of Color was super cool!

Karenliz Henderson said...

Just linked up! This looks like a lot of fun. Off to join the FB group!

Kia said...

Just linked up~ Looks like fun and off to join the group.

Vicki said...

I would love to join in, what do I need to do?

sparkle100-havealook.blogspot.com said...

I did a picture last night wit the greens and the pink.

I see where I can add my blog and I did.

I added you to face book which I have.

Now not sure how I get the group to stay there.

I find face book so different now. I did write a email to you.

Oh sounds fun. Is this going to go on in the winter as well. Would love to do it in the fall and winter too.

Denise Spillane said...

I think I forgot to join FB group and tried to post. Couldn't. Finally got one competed.

Kimberly Hogan said...

I did particpate a in 2013, but never really shared or joined in on the comments. My daughter qualified and competed at The Irish Dance North American Nationals in Montréal this past summer, so I didn't have the time to participate. It has always been difficult for me to share both my Art amd myself with others. But I'm getting way better at sharing my Art and actually joining in on forums, and leaving comments to questions and posting questions to ask for hep. So I will most definitely join in for SOC 2015.

Clemencia R said...

This sounds so exciting! can't wait!!! is there a way to get email updates

Jade said...

I can't wait! I loved it last year. I got so much out of it. Thanks for doing it again this year.

Tami Von Zalez said...

I would love to meet new people and experiment with COLOR!

I've added you to my Feedly.


Christine said...

Cannot wait!

Boo Martin said...

I'm so excited to play again this year.
Do I need to register?

Christine said...

woo! hoo! I'm in!

Jessica P said...


I look forward to seeing everyone's work!

Paper rainbow said...

I've played along for last two summers. Hope to join in the party. :)

Joi at RR said...

Wow - just found this.... soooo fun. Can't wait to create. THANKS BUNCHES. j.

Paula Jennings said...

I've been playing every year. I can't believe I missed the start! I will have to catch up!

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