Friday, March 5, 2010


"Mike & Nancy's Place"
6 x 12 Wood Panel Collage
Detail of Swarovski Crystal Button
Quote: "Feeling the drunkenness of existence"

This was done for my Uncle Mikey who just recently lost his wife of over 40 years. I admit that it is "girly," but it is meant to represent her and her love of their garden. Lavender was her favorite color - and always reminds me of her - and the central images of the statue and plaque were photographed in her garden on the day of her memorial. 

I love to see how others create their pieces, so I took step-by-step pictures of this one in case you are interested. . .
6 x 12 Wood Panel ($1.49 at Michaels)

Gesso front and back of pannel.

Collage of vintage music sheets, ledgers, wallpaper and meaningful text.

Trim edges and cover whole piece in watered down white paint for a uniform look.

Add central images which have been cropped and
color-enhanced in Photoshop

Melt crayon on surface for pops of color.
I learned this trick from Pam Garrison.

Add details with colored pencils, charcoal and glitter.
Finish edges with paint and adhere quote.

Complete backside with Lavender paint.
 Sprinkle with iridescent glitter while still wet.
Drill holes into wood and attach ribbon (distress at edges with finger) and Swarovski button.


Trudy Callan said...

I love how it turned out. Thanks for the step by step.

Nicola said...

Wow really interesting to se the step by step process and such a thoughtful piece for your Uncle Mikey x

Sherry Goodloe said...

I really like this Kristin! The colors . . . the composition . . . everything is just perfect *smiles*

Nicola said...

Hi there, I've just listed The Tooth Fairy in my etsy shop. Thank you for your lovely comments! Your little girl is so funny, perhaps when she realises the perks of loosing her teeth she'll be a lot happier with the prospect? Bless her :0)

Marissa Bowers said...

Hi Kristin! Thank you for including me in your Artistic Mother links and I’m excited to see what every one in the group creates. This piece you show here is great. I love your dobs of color from the crayon. Nice touch!

In your list you have me listed as issa design, which I realize is the address. But I've recently made it my business page too for both photo + design. Do you have the ability to rename it “Marissa Bowers art * design * photo” instead of issadesign?

Thanks! Marissa

Shelly said...

Wonderful Kristin. I love that sentiment behind the project too, nothing like having the heart lead the hands! Thank you for sharing. It is gorgeous!


Amy said...

You are so WONDERFUL to create this for him. He will adore it forever!!! Truelly heartwarming! Thanks for sharing your tips as well..I would LOVE to put something together like this for my friend.
Hugs and Blessings..keep up the sweet art!

Lisa said...

Oh, this is BEAUTIFUL! It will be well loved by your uncle.

I truly appreciate the steps as well as I come into my own artistic journey...