Friday, April 9, 2010

Ashton's Room

Ashton's "Big Girl" Room
(Redesigned last year)

Entrance to the room. Color palette of pale blues and watermelon 

The bedding was purchased new and the rest was revamped to compliment it

 New Shabby Chic pillow adorned with Swarovski crystals.

Swarovski crystals accent the existing desk

Some have been interested in seeing what other rooms (besides Kadyn's new nursery, below) we (my husband always helps me and has great design ideas) have done recently. I choose to show this room first as it features the same stencil we used on the nursery posted earlier. Here, the stencil is on the back watermelon wall only and the color is so faint (a mix of 95 % wall color and 5 % pearl white) that it has a tone-on-tone effect. I also used this stencil on my "Studio" (a.k.a. Guest Room) walls in a soft grey over pale pink. I will now retire the stencil as, although it's my favorite, three of us now have it and it's beginning to feel played out . . ..

Little details here include a handmade headboard (get a sheet of cheap wood cut at the hardware store to the dimensions of your bed and cover with batting and fabric. Staple the back as if you were wrapping a present and ta da . . . a custom headboard) and recovered window seat in the same fabric, a drape of sheer tulle over the bed (several yards hung over the bed and held with tie backs - no sewing at all ) and Swarovski crystals sprinkled all over the room including on the pillows, the tulle draping and on the desk. The bedding was from a Shabby Chic boutique and the rest of the room was done very inexpensively.

Thank you for looking! I hope you have a great weekend,
Kristin xo


Amy said...

wow, a bedroom for a princess! I love the crown pillow and the crystals..such fine and sweet loving details! I just love the rooms..wish I could have for my girl like it...but it's not in my is really grand to see the rooms though!

Trudy Callan said...

if you lived in Texas, I would have you do my children's rooms. You do such a wonderful job. The colors and everything are so perfect. Gorgeous.

Michelle said...

Does she love it? I think it's beautiful for a little girl!

If you want to tuft the headboard drill holes (mark where you want them with a sharpie) and grab a really long needle and find some pretty buttons and voila! Something to think about in the future, we did this to update out headboard when we changed out the fabric!

Rayanne said...

How beautiful!I also just read your last beautiful.Very soft clean girly rooms!
I did not know your Mom did faux painting, that's what I did!! I just stopped working this last August.It took it's toll on me, it's very hard work. Does she have a web site?
You have to be the sweetest encourager ever! Thanks for pushing me on so sweetly!That tote was a chore, I would much rather be painting!

Joyce said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment on my blog. Good luck on your tote. I'll be checking back so I can see the grand unveiling. The girl's rooms a are adorable!

Anonymous said...

great room, kristin...any little girl would absolutely love it.
(i wouldn't mind having it for myself...heh)
blue & watermelon is such a pretty combination.
the blown up/framed baby picture really caught my eye.....that is a very unique idea. i've never seen anything like that.
have a crafty weekend....:)

Contessa Kris said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. It's always nice to meet new people. I'm floored by your room decors. I always mean to decorate my girls' rooms but paint is as far as we usually get. I need to put in more of an effort. Love your rooms.

Elizabeth Parsons said...

What a nice 'big girl' room you have created. My girls really are big girls now and live on their own...blink and that somehow happens!

Thanks for stoping by my blog. I have both of those DVD's i mentioned and think it was money very well spent!

Anonymous said...

Do you know the name of the watermelon color ?