Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kadyn's Nursery

2 x 4 Foot Canvas
(Created for Baby Kadyn)

In Room

Color inspiration

Little details

I do nurseries. Not professionally, just as a hobby.  Growing up, my Mom was the go-to among her friends if anyone needed a room redecorated or a piece of furniture painted. She was the first to teach me that it was okay to experiment with something new and that, in the end, "it's only paint". . .  Now she is a decorative painter by trade (she does beautiful Venetian Plaster and stencil work) and I guess I have taken her place among my group of friends when it comes to decorating; especially nurseries and children's rooms. 

I've been doing it long enough to do a couple of rooms twice - from nursery to "big kid". I love the design behind the work, and really enjoy doing rooms on the cheap. I get a certain joy out of creating something beautiful without spending a lot of money. Of course, the blank-slate and unlimited budget rooms are fun too (I go to Posh Tots for those), and I have done over a dozen rooms in the last several years.

This room was done with a color palette of yellows, blues and pinks with touches of bold turquoise, apple green and bright white. I stole the stencil from my Mom's stash and did the walls and canvas painting with it (well actually, Dave did it all. He and a friend painted the room, and he did all the stencil work himself). Almost everything in the room was either passed on to the new baby girl or given to her for her shower. We started from there and worked it out until we got the above. Dave and I finished the room this morning, and I thought you might be interested in seeing what has been keeping me from being a good blogger lately . . .. 

If you are interested in seeing more of the rooms we've done over the last few years, let me know and I will post some pictures as I find them.

Kristin xo


Trudy Callan said...

The nursery is amazing. I would be interested in seeing more pictures of nurseries you've done.

Mandy said...

wow...this is just beautiful...wish i was crafty /artsy when my babies were

Amy said...

WOW..amazing I had no idea you did room design and you are VERY Good at it and so I can see why you enjoy it so much! I love it alot. Very grand and yet oh so CUTE!! Yes, show me more!

Anonymous said...

you are multi-talented...:)

Shelly said...

Too Cute Kristin! I love it! The colors are great!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely comments!

I hope you have a great weekend! Supposed to be HALFWAY decent in Washington. And, I'm finally back to work between Easter Parade and being sick,,,,,,I feel like I've been gone forever!

If you've never stopped by the "Joyworks" blog, you should check it out.....Jana, my coworker posts new goodies in the shop all the time!

I think you would really like the shop! Although, we don't really sell online, I've been known to ship things to friends on my own accord once in a while!

Have a great weekend!


Lorraine said...

beautiful rooms so clean and pretty..I have got 3 sons so their rooms are in a permanent mess with cars and lego everywhere!! thanks very much for visiting my blog today.

just thought I would let you know that in your profile when you click on the link that says "my web page" it links to vistaprint cards!