Wednesday, February 24, 2010

1949 Esquire Magazine

October 1949 Esquire Hardcover

What a find! My dad and I take Kendra to our local library every couple of weeks for a play date. She loves to check out books and videos (she has her own card - how cute is that?) and spend time with Grandpa, while I get to hunt for vintage texts and children's books to use for my art projects.

Well, although I usually have success (always walk away with something - this one was a dollar!) yesterday I hit the mother load with this vintage Esquire hardcover. It is full of ads for men's suits, hats, cigarettes and articles. My favorite is pictured below, in which the author tries to change the tradition of the man's role in childbirth.

I have included a few pictures to share with you and scanned the bottom picture of the Esquire pinup of the month so that you may use it for your art. Please feel free to use any of them, but the one on the bottom was specifically scanned so that you would have the best possible image.

I love the idea of sharing these pieces on my blog, and am starting to do more of it. As always, there is NO PRESSURE to link or show and tell, although I am completely interested in seeing what you have done if you have the desire. Until next time, have fun . . . xo


Diane said...

Thank you Kristen--this was a find!!

Diana Evans said...

oh la la !!! these are fantastic!!! and I never knew about your twinkle twinkle plates and tags!!! that is awesome and it is about time you get your shop up and running!!!

Can't wait to see it...let me know when you get everything set up!!!


joanna said...

This is great Kristin! Thanks for sharing!

Diane said...

So "mad men" - thanks for giving us a glimpse inside this cool vintage magazine.