Friday, April 26, 2013

Paint Party Friday: Lil' Cardboard Collages

Happy PPF!

I hope this week found you with paint under your fingernails at some point . . . Mine were definitely encrusted with acrylics, gouache, glue, gloss medium, fiber paste, varnishes and (naturally) glitter for days. It was a case of peeling fingers for sure. You know, you've been there . . . .

But I digress: this week I was influenced by the lovely (darling & delightful) Mindy Lacefield after watching several of her You Tube videos. It was this one that really got me: watching her paint several little cardboard paintings at once. So excited I was, that I cut up the next box I got my hands on and went to work. My pieces took some different turns, but I'm so grateful to have had the impetuous to try something fun and new. Thank you Love Bug, for the beautiful inspiration!

Wanna see what I came up with? Okay:

4 little cardboard collages, all lined up in a row.
(Each one measures approximately 5.5 x 11)

They were first cut, pulled to reveal texture and then gessoed

Elements such as vintage playing cards and game pieces were added

Stencils served as the base, with some molding paste mixed with paint 
to create some raised areas

This one included a face - behind chicken wire that was adhered with E600 and beeswax

And here we have a little pocket that housed vintage tickets

They are hung with decorative wire and grommets

And finished off with decorative (and painted on) trim

That's it. Thanks for letting me share and thank you to Kristin and Eva for another opportunity to play with paint.

Have a fabulous weekend,
Kristin xo

Friday, April 19, 2013

Paint Party Friday: "I Am Made of Stars"

"I Am Made of Stars"
9 x 12; cold pressed watercolor paper

Happy PPF . . . .

I hope this finds you well! I've had a couple of busy, arty days and am filled with joy because of it. I just came off of a long stretch absent of creativity and missed it so much. It's crazy how much our moods can be lifted when we give time to ourselves, right?! 

Anyway, this week's painting was inspired by a book I was meant to read. I picked it up from one of my Mom's bookshelves a week ago, set it aside, and then (like a new word you've just learned and then keep hearing everywhere) for some reason people kept asking me if I'd read it. Seriously, like 3 people in a week - over a book from the 90's that I had never heard about until a few days ago! I took that as a major sign, and got to reading. Well, if you've ever experienced The Four Agreements (Don Miguel Ruiz), you'll understand why I read it in a matter of a few hours. It really is inspired.

And inspired I was then to create this - "I Am Made of Stars" - a 9 x 12 mixed media painting on watercolor:

Created on a gessoed surface with multiple layers of stamping and doodling

Sentiment written on neck with both matte and glitter pens

Also used: iridescent confetti stars and silver leaf

And here she is in her entirety:

Thank you for your time, thanks to Kristin & Eva for hosting PPF and have a happy, creative weekend. Perhaps with a trip to the bookstore thrown in for good luck. . . .

Kristin xo

Friday, April 5, 2013

Paint Party Friday: "Call Me Annie"

"Call Me Annie"
6 x 6 Birch Painting Panel

Happy PPF (it's still Friday, right?!) . . .

I hope this finds you well. As for me, Easter's over, the kid's back in school and I've finally gotten back to some painting (small miracles). "Call Me Annie" was created today on a wood "canvas" (a first for me) with deep sides and a heavily collaged base featuring both vintage and new materials. I was going for a school girl theme in the colors of red, yellow and white. . . .

I took progress shots along the way (I just love myself some Instagram ;) and thought I'd share them here as well. Wanna see? 

I began with a gessoed panel and reduced copies of a sketch I drew for 29 Faces

I then collaged with front and sides of the panel in both vintage and new materials. 
The sweet girls you see are from old sewing pattern packets.

I then added the sketched face onto the panel, allowing her torso to wrap down the front of the canvas

She was then painted in both lightweight and heavy bodied acrylics, watercolor crayons and oil pastels.

The sides were also addressed - this time with an impressionistic style (read, messy ;) scallop and the top of her torso.

There she is! All tiny and ready to go . . . .

Oh! And before I go, I have the coolest news to share! Remember this trip I took to Portland last October with this girl? Well, upon our return said scrapbooking genius got right to work on a book of the adventure and submitted it to Somerset Memories. She was immediately accepted and asked to write article. It's now out so be sure to check it out when you can. She's a crack up!

Way to go Daniele! I'm so happy for you . . . .

Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend,
Kristin xo