Monday, May 27, 2013

The Summer of Color 3: One Week To Go . . .

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"Color is a power which directly influences the soul."
- Wassily Kandinsky

I can hardly believe that The Summer of Color 3 is just one tiny little week away . . . . 

I'm anxious to reconnect with past players and old friends, excited to meet new artists who decide to take the plunge and, naturally, so looking forward to seeing all the art & inspiration that springs from the weekly color prompts and beautiful (kind, supportive and lovingFlickr and Facebook communities. 

And, it must be said, there are some exciting changes taking place this year. What kind of changes you ask? (Well now, you know you have to wait for that). But not to worry, tune in one tiny little week from today for our Introductory Week where all questions and curiosities will be answered. . . .

Until then, how about a little color question to ponder? We've already taken our Color Personality Quiz and have been inspired by this explosion of color by artist Holton Rower, but I wonder: 

What are your favorite colors? And what in the world do they mean? You can look to the color wheel above or, for a more in depth exploration of The Psychology of Color, (double) click here for an amazing chart kindly sent to us by our friend and artist Kristin Dudish.

So really, what are the colors that make your heart beat a little faster? I promise you want me to know . . . .

To the love of color,
Kristin xo

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Summer of Color 3: Artist's Choice. . .

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"Love was a feeling completely bound up with color, 
like thousands of rainbows superimposed one top of one another." 
- Paulo Coelho

Two. Weeks. From. Today. The Summer of Color 3 is just around the corner . . . .

Curious? Check out the Flickr PoolFacebook Group and Event Page for more.

Ever tired it? Tune in Monday, June 3rd for every little detail.

Tired of waiting? (Me too). How about this explosion of color from artist Holton Rower to keep us inspired:

To Love and Rainbows,
Kristin xo

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Summer of Color 3: Artist's Choice . . .

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"The world is a carousel of color." -- Anon

We're just three little weeks away from The Summer of Color 3: Artist's Choice! 

Just three little weeks away from creativity & connection with over 100 weekly participants. Just three little weeks away from 6 weeks of vibrant, luscious color prompts. Just three little weeks away from fabulous, drool-worthy giveaways. Just three little weeks away from colorful conversations with new friends and old. Just three little weeks away from  . . . . well . . . . I'm not telling. But don't worry, you'll only have to wait just three little weeks more . . . .

Itching to get started? How about a quick personality quiz to tide us over:

What Color Are You?

Come on, tell me. I'd love to know . . . .

Colorful Kisses,
Kristin xo

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I'm The Lucky One . . .

A text I received from Kendra's "Tummy Mommy" this morning

Without this beautiful woman, I would not be able to celebrate today. So full of love and gratitude on this day and always.

Here's to a Happy, Beautiful, Magical Mother's Day . . .

Love & Kisses,
Kristin xo

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Summer of Color 3: Artist's Choice . . .

"Color is fun, color is just plain gorgeous, a gourmet meal for the eye, the window of the soul." 
- Rachel Wolf

Are you ready for the hottest color event of the Summer? Six weeks of creating, connection & fun during the lazy days of Summer are just four little weeks away

Wanna know more? Read all about The Summer of Color here. To see all the luscious artwork created in the last two events, head over here. To join The Summer of Color Facebook Group, pop over here.

Let the colorful countdown begin. . . .

Kristin xo