Thursday, October 17, 2013

Send in the Clowns . . .

Okay, so if you were paying real close attention, I told you that I'd share the rest of the journal I created while on vacation (the sneak peek is over here) in this post. But, um, I lied. Well, not really lied, but rather was derailed from finishing it because of this little one. The inspiration hit and I went with it, sooooo instead, here is my latest painting: "Send in the Clowns. . . ."

She was created on a piece of heavy watercolor paper (Arches) that had been previously painted and left in my stash. I started by ripping the paper in an organic shape and then roughly sketching the figure of a clown onto the surface. I then colored her in using a combination of acrylic paints, watercolor crayons (Caran d'ache Neocolor 11), wax crayons (my new obsession - Caran d'ache Neocolor 1), neon acrylic gouaches, glittered gel pens and charcoal.

A progression shot

The piece was then further enhanced with some faint pencil marks, molding paste mixed with iridescent Stickles glitter and white acrylic for the clown collar and Swarovski crystals to define the neckline:

Lastly, an actual piece of yellow balloon was adhered to the drawn balloon with matte gel medium:

And there you have it! My little Clown . . . .

Thanks for taking a peek here and at all of the other Party posts:

Until next time,
Kristin xo

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stencil Test Drive with Jessica Sporn

Can you see me dancing? I look fabulous, by the way, as I jump up and down clapping my hands in frenzied excitement. . . . 

Okay, so it may not be the prettiest thing to see, but the excitement is genuine as I. Am. Thrilled to be participating in Jessica Sporn's Test Drive for one of her newest Stencil Girl products; Frames!

It felt like my birthday when I received the elegant 9 x 12 stencil in the mail, and I've been playing with it like a toddler with a new toy ever since. But I digress. Wanna see what I did with it? Okay then, here goes:

Journaling with Frames

My first play date with the stencil was with my journal. I used the oval frame in the set as a central element on the left of the spread and then used a piece of another (turned upside down) to represent a necklace on the right. Wait, here's a better shot of the oval:

Gel pen, molding paste, silver leaf and Stickles glitter

I began by placing the stencil on the page and simply colored in the exposed areas with an iridescent gel pen. I then off set it a bit and pushed molding paste through the same stencil. Before it dried completely, I applied silver leaf to the surface and then waited (impatiently) for it to finish drying. I loved the raised look it gave me and decided to finish it off with a few smudges of silver Stickles glitter.

Frames Banner
But I wasn't done there. I really wanted to do something that showed the variety of the stencil, so I decided to take some 4 x 6 pieces of painted cardboard I had in my stash and create a banner of sorts using all of the frames in the set. Since I'm a Mother Goose fan, some of those vintage images made their way to the party as well. Here's a close up of each piece of the puzzle, all of which were created with a mixture of molding paste and black fluid acrylic paint:

A portion of the rectangle frame (shown in the green piece above) was masked off to create a "door" and another stencil in the set was used to create a "roof". 
Each were highlighted with iridescent Stickles glitter for movement and depth.

Rounded Rectangle Frame

Oval Frame 
(this is the same stencil used in the journal above)

Square Frame

Rectangle Frame

And there you have it! I loved my play date with Jessica's Frames and look forward to using the beautiful stencil set again and again. Thank you Jessica for your support and generosity! 

Oh but wait! You can win one too! Here's the deal:

Now go see what the other artists did with the Frames stencil! But before you do, be sure to leave a comment here because Jessica is giving away a Frames stencil to one lucky winner, and EVERY comment in the test drive will be eligible to win. The more times you comment, the more chances you have to win!

Comment by Midnight, EST 10/13/2013

So go check them out! Here are all of the artists participating in this week's Stencil Test Drive:

Have fun and good luck! 

The giveaway is now closed. Thank you for taking the drive with us . . . xo!

(Happily linking to Paint Party Friday too!)

Kristin xo

Sunday, October 6, 2013

An Arty Adventure . . . .

"Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can."
- Danny Kaye

I've just returned from a (much needed) arty adventure! Remember this girl that I met in Portland last year (who had her scrapbook of said trip published in Somerset Memories)? We had the most wonderful time slinging paint and taking classes together that we decided to do it again - but this year, we set the classes aside and created a little make-shift retreat of our own . . .

I excitedly packed my bags with the supplies I only had time to look at in the last few months and jetted off to Danielle's state of Colorado for a week of love, laughter and art journaling. I came prepared with two handmade journals a la Teesha Moore and spent the week just playing. No goals, deadlines or expectations; just two girls in the mountains drinking wine, making marks and having fun. . . .

The view from our rented condo in Winterpark, Colorado
(Day One) 

And bonus! I actually completed the entire journal while I was there. Well okay, I almost completed the journal. But I have several works in progress to show for it. Wanna see?

Our set up on the floor, right in front of the TV where we watched chick flicks & painted

My first background using bold color, washi tape and molding paste

The beginnings of a face
(Spoiler alert: I'll be sharing the entire spread in my next post for 

A sneak peek of the spread; "Teach" 

A teeny bit of the spread; "Poor Fellow"

(That's the "Poor Fellow" ;)

A glimpse of the spread; "Little Dutch Girl"

We were also treated to beautiful weather and - new to me - the changing of seasons! Check out this gorgeous shot of the leaves turning gold:

Our "nature walk" through the woods. Ok, stroll. 
Well really, a 10 minute stop to take pretty pictures. 
(We had to get back to the art you see)

And on the last day of our trip, we saw snow! What a beautiful way to wake up:

The view from our balcony as we were leaving
(Day Five)

I feel so fortunate to have met such a friend in Daniele: a girl after my own mess-making heart with whom I know I will have many adventures together. I wonder where we'll go next year. . . .

In the meantime, stay tuned as I post a bit of the journal (among other things) this Thursday for the lovely Jessica Sporn's blog hop with Stencil Girl Products . . . . 

And. . . . I promise to share the journal in it's entirety after that. That's right: more art. For reals. Whew, that feels good. . . .

With love,
Kristin xo