Sunday, October 6, 2013

An Arty Adventure . . . .

"Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can."
- Danny Kaye

I've just returned from a (much needed) arty adventure! Remember this girl that I met in Portland last year (who had her scrapbook of said trip published in Somerset Memories)? We had the most wonderful time slinging paint and taking classes together that we decided to do it again - but this year, we set the classes aside and created a little make-shift retreat of our own . . .

I excitedly packed my bags with the supplies I only had time to look at in the last few months and jetted off to Danielle's state of Colorado for a week of love, laughter and art journaling. I came prepared with two handmade journals a la Teesha Moore and spent the week just playing. No goals, deadlines or expectations; just two girls in the mountains drinking wine, making marks and having fun. . . .

The view from our rented condo in Winterpark, Colorado
(Day One) 

And bonus! I actually completed the entire journal while I was there. Well okay, I almost completed the journal. But I have several works in progress to show for it. Wanna see?

Our set up on the floor, right in front of the TV where we watched chick flicks & painted

My first background using bold color, washi tape and molding paste

The beginnings of a face
(Spoiler alert: I'll be sharing the entire spread in my next post for 

A sneak peek of the spread; "Teach" 

A teeny bit of the spread; "Poor Fellow"

(That's the "Poor Fellow" ;)

A glimpse of the spread; "Little Dutch Girl"

We were also treated to beautiful weather and - new to me - the changing of seasons! Check out this gorgeous shot of the leaves turning gold:

Our "nature walk" through the woods. Ok, stroll. 
Well really, a 10 minute stop to take pretty pictures. 
(We had to get back to the art you see)

And on the last day of our trip, we saw snow! What a beautiful way to wake up:

The view from our balcony as we were leaving
(Day Five)

I feel so fortunate to have met such a friend in Daniele: a girl after my own mess-making heart with whom I know I will have many adventures together. I wonder where we'll go next year. . . .

In the meantime, stay tuned as I post a bit of the journal (among other things) this Thursday for the lovely Jessica Sporn's blog hop with Stencil Girl Products . . . . 

And. . . . I promise to share the journal in it's entirety after that. That's right: more art. For reals. Whew, that feels good. . . .

With love,
Kristin xo


Mary Ann Potter said...

Oh, Kristin, what a wonderful time this obviously was! I loved your backgrounds ---and because I too am Dutch, that little Dutch girl is precious!!!

Christine said...

what a lovely adventure, and beautiful art!

Valerie-Jael said...

Looks like a fantastic adventure! Valerie

scrapwordsmom said...

soo happy to see your work again sweet Kristin!! And what a joy you two found each other. Isnt' this Web a beautiful thing??:) AWESOME time!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

Terri Corona said...

I'm SO happy for you that were able to get away for such a fantastic trip, it doesn't get much better than that! And to have had real quality art time after so long without it, how wonderful! I love the glimpses of what you created, I can't wait to see more.

Linda Kunsman said...

what a wonderful get away Kristin (OK, except for that snow!!)! I can just imagine the fun you two had and can't wait to see you on Thurs. :)

K J D said...

Oh Kristin that sounds like SO much fun!I loved seeing your photographs

Karen x

K J D said...

Oh Kristin that sounds like SO much fun!I loved seeing your photographs

Karen x

Carin said...

Oh, what a wonderful adventure the two of you had! Can't wait to see more because the beginnings are seriously cute! You can incorporate art education in your home schooling right? Colour theory and the best way to use stencils are essential to paleontology, yes?

Cameron said...

Gosh, I'm not jealous one bit....haha! Um, extremely jealous over here!

What a fabulous idea...and gorgeous location! So very cool! Will Shannon be coming out this way next year?
Can I crash the party? Teehee?!