Friday, November 22, 2013

My Girly Guide . . . .

"I think every person has their own identity and beauty. 
Everyone being different is what is really beautiful. If we were all the same, it would be boring."
-- Tila Tequila

If you've seen some of these girls on Instagram, then you know I've been trying my best to keep the creativity flowing by creating quick sofa sketches (new term; I kinda like it ;) whenever I can. Some of them I've completed in 10 minutes and some have taken much longer. But either way, each are in pencil, with my only other tools being an eraser and blending stumps.

Along the way, I have amassed quite a few sketches. I know that there are several that will eventually turn into completed, painted pieces but in the meantime, I wanted a way to store the ones I like to be used for future reference. I decided to take my favorites and turn them into a visual deck of cards (of sorts). I selected 9 sketches that I have deemed, "My Girly Guide" and went to work cutting them out and adding them to pieces of decorative cardboard I cut from a storage box for wine. To keep them together, I punched holes in the corner of each and attached them with a chain. I can now have them all in one place, all at a glance. Wanna see?

Tidy, right? It was fun to make and if I'm lucky, the deck will continue to grow and grow. All I need now is to find a longer chain. . . .

Thanks for taking a peek,
Kristin xo

Friday, November 15, 2013

Bad Blogger, Bad!

(Look, that Art Journal I promised to Share)

You know it's been too long since you've posted if you have to log into your account in order to do so. In my defense, life's just not as free as it was before homeschooling the rug rat. My arting these days comes in two forms: either quick, late-night sketches or long spurts of creativity often fueled by a deadline. . . . 

But, here I am. Finally finished with that Art Journal I spoke of like, um, a month ago. The majority of it was created while on vacation with my girlie friend Daniele, but it was tossed aside when I got home awaiting the inspiration - and time - to finish it. It was Daniele's idea to add photographs to the spreads that were screaming for something more, but it wasn't until I saw that process shots of our work together that I realized how right she was. So, without further adieu, here it is in it's entirety, pictures and all:

Cover (with decorative paper from World Market)

First spread using elements from Mindy Lacefield's new stamp line. The picture shows how each of us used the same materials, both with very different results. 

Detail shot includes a defination from a vintage children's dictionary and some bubble gum wrappers.

Second spread using the new "Frames" stencil from Jessica Sporn for Stencil Girl Products.

This process shot shows how we each used decorative napkins in our layouts. 

The third - very green - spread.

A pencil sketch added as an element to the page (with a Stickles Glitter heart).

And features a picture of our make-shift "studio" on the floor.

The fourth spread is a play on pink and includes another dictionary definition, a lot of washi tape and a  piece of a ripped Starbuck's bag.

A bunny with a Swarovski Crystal necklace.

 And a lot of molding paste pushed through a stencil and painted with pink acrylic gouache.  

The last spread features more decorative napkins (the Dutch girls), molding paste and an Amsterdam stencil and the only color photograph.

(My favorite bit is the piece of Caran D'Ache crayon wrapper added as a collage element to the page).

This picture shows the view from our balcony on our last day. 
(We were treated with a beautiful blanket of snow upon our departure ;)

And the final element? A plastic spoon with the letters, BBFF to mirror Daniele's published article in Somerset Memories of our last adventure together to Art & Soul, Portland.

There you have it! Done & done. And my next trick? To find a way to blog more. Thanks for your patience as I navigate my way through this beautiful, crazy year . . . .

To love and art, 
Kristin xo