Friday, August 9, 2013

Cabinet Cards & Color . . . .

Well, Hello!

(Fancy meeting you here).

It feels like forever since we've spoken. I hope that the rest of your Summer is treating you well. I for one can hardly believe that it's almost over: school begins again in just a couple of weeks and I feel like it just ended (dramatic sigh.) Soooo, I've been trying to make the most of what we have left.

To that end, I finally, finally walked into the studio yesterday. I brushed away the cobwebs (ok not really. But they did have time) and sat down to just try something. These little vintage photo collages / assemblages are the result. Wanna see?

"Little Goody Two-Shoes"
(16 x 12 on watercolor paper and plywood)

Molding paste and acrylic through map stencils. 
This vintage cabinet card is a favorite of mine.

Colorful bits of collage and a little pink wire. 

"Pay Roll"
(9 x 5 on vintage pay roll card and plywood)

Vintage photo and playing card box

(I think I like a little color with my vintage ;)

I loved taking the time to play again; and it never hurts to get a little paint under my fingernails. . . .

I look forward to catching up with you,
Kristin xo