Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Artistic Exploration . . .

"An artist is an explorer. He should begin by seeking himself, seeing himself act. Then, not restraining itself. And above all, not being easily satisfied." 
-- Henri Matisse

Helloooooo! I have a few new Art Journaling pages to share and an update on what I'm calling the world's largest palette cleaner - a huge-to-me 30 x 40 canvas - that has been sitting on my studio floor awaiting extra inspiration or, which is really the case, awaiting any left over paint, bits and/or bobs from my journaling adventure. But I digress. Wanna see my latest explorations? Yay! Here we go:

Days 17 - 18: Inspired by my fav colors and a black-and-white illustration of an octopus

Days 19 - 20: Inspired by the documentary, "Exiled by Choice."

Days 21-22: Inspired by vintage illustrations, ledgers and children's "Word Mastery" lists.

Playing catch up with days 13-14: Inspired by Dina Wakely's new book, Art Journal Courage.

As far as that way-very-big "palette cleaner" I was referring to earlier, here are a few detail / WIP shots of what's currently going on there:

And here she is as a whole:

Thanks for taking a peek!

To love, art and artistic exploration,
Kristin xo