Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birthday Books

 Little Man

I've been busy this week working on two Birthday Books for my little friends Ashton and Camden.  I used to scrapbook all the time, but I've found that the more I get into mixed media, the less time I dedicate to scrapbooking. . . Having said that, I committed to doing a book for our Goddaughter Ashton each year for her birthday. I have done one every year since she was three. Then, a few years ago, she received a really special birthday gift: a little brother. Camden was born on the same day within the same hour, 7 years after her. Needless to say, I'm now doing two books every May. Here are a few pictures of what I'm giving them today . . .
8 x 8  Scrapbook
Dictionary pages and B & W clip art
Stamps, rub-ons and glitter
 All images from The Graphics Fairy

 7 x 6 Scrapbook covered in fabric
 Acrylic and charcoal
 Detail cuts (craft knife)
 Birthday babies

Kristin xo


Trudy Callan said...

Those are just amazing. What a great idea.

Julia Christie said...

Kristin these are so great- what a special memory keeper for them to cherish always.

Love how unique they are.


Carin said...

These are amazing, Kristin! Lovely idea which I'm sure they'll both treasure more and more as they grow up.

Anonymous said...

beautiful & so unique, kristin....
you've successfully infused your talent for mixed-media art with scrapbooking & it is absolutely refreshing!!!!

E Makes Art said...

Wowee! Gorgeous and fun! I love the combo of black and white dictionary pages and clip art with full color photos. And the acrylic with charcol...yummy! I want one ! ;)

Amy said...

WOW..stunning scrapbooking!!!! I used to scrap all the time and now I'm so busy filling my collection of ATC's-LOL

Your pages are stunning..I'd love to see more in the future!