Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Arting" with the Kids!

6 x 6 Chunky Canvases with Monogram

My little friend Ashton turned 11 over the weekend. She celebrated in style with a day's worth of activities followed by a slumber party for 8 of her closest friends. One of her life loves is art, so I volunteered to create and teach a project that I hoped they would all have fun with. The results are what you see here: a series of 6 x 6 chunky canvases collaged with handmade papers (a la Shona Cole) and topped off with painted and glittered initials. We documented the process step-by-step so that I could share it with you here . . .

Sand craft store initials 
Create handmade papers using printer paper, Gesso and craft paints
Paint initials in desired color
Add stamps to painted papers
Tear handmade papers and glue onto canvas with gel medium
Add gel medium to painted initial and sprinkle with iridescent glitter
Adhere initials with E-6000 (I did this on my own) and allow to dry
Volia! Happy Birthday Ashton - I love you! 

Kristin xo


SoSoBella said...

love em'
you are so talented. i love your work.

Carin said...

Fabulous birthday project! How wonderful that all the kids got something so wonderful to go home with and a new skill to boot.

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

What a super fun idea! My daughter loves anything "arty"... so I think we have to add this to our project list! Thank you so much for sharing!! :)

Jenny said...

Absolutely gorgeous Kristin... these little canvases are just wonderful... am sure the girls had a ball...

Jenny x

Mandy said...

so sweet...she must be a very special friend for you to do that!!!!xxx

Jennifer Grace said...

Really cool canvases! Love the big monogram on them, such a fabulous idea. I love making my own papers by painting and stamping, it's so fun to get messy! x

P.S. have you seen my giveaway?:

Julia Christie said...

Darnit you are so creative!!!! This is just so gorgeous!

wish you could come have a crafting class with my kids!!!


Jessica W. (JessiVille) said...

These are very pretty! I would like to make some and spell a word on my studio wall I think (a short word, lol). It looks pretty easy, if the kids can do it I should be able to handle it. (I'm mixed-media project challenged, and that includes backgrounds too.)I can do the paint part. It's when I add the paper and stamping that thigs start getting a little dicey - ha! Can't wait for 6/6! Hugs, Jessi xox

K J D said...

So much fun!!!! I bet they totally LOVED it!