Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring Blog Hop w/ Jessica Sporn Designs!

(8 x 10 Canvas Panel)

"It is Spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart."
-- Rainer Maria Rilke

Spring is absolutely, positively my favorite time of year. Not only is the weather gorgeous, but the air itself seems to be drenched in sweet smelling, saturated color. 

So the idea of creating in the theme of Spring for our latest blog hop with Jessica Sporn Designs, gets my head spinning in all kinds of whimsical directions. And! I had a cool idea I wanted to try out: what if I took Jessica's "Build-A-Villa" stamps from RubberMoon and enlarged them to create the focal point in a collage? And, if I did that, then wouldn't it be cool to see what's behind the windows and doors? Anyway, that's where my mind wandered, I hope you enjoy watching along:

For more Spring Fun, keep hopping! Check out what both Jessica Sporn and Denise Alloca did with the theme, and be sure to comment on all posts you visit. Jessica will be giving away her (beautiful, stunning, I must have this!) "Layered Peonies" stencil from Stencil Girl to one lucky winner. 

All entries must be registered by next Monday, April 19th (6:00 pm, EST) and will be announced on Jessica's blog the following day. 

Have fun, good luck and Happy, Happy Spring!
Kristin xo



Christine said...

Lovely work, happy spring!

Valerie-Jael said...

Gorgeous, colourful and HAPPY art. Hugs, Valerie

Linda Kunsman said...

oh how I love these happy colors! beautiful canvas and a creative way to get further use of the stamps. Well done! The layered peony stencil is beautiful too.

McStamper said...

Love your fantastic, colorful houses. Definitely feels happy.
gildamc (at) hotmail (dot) com

Linda Kunsman said...

hey-forgot to say-nice quote- I chose that one for my latest post too;)

Jackie PN said...

What a playful,happy and colorful page Kristin!!
Beautiful color play,is what I say!")
I just love your enthusiasm about spring- I feel the same as well!
Great quote too!!

Unknown said...

What a shimmery, magical place you created! I love the idea of enlarging the stamped images, and letting your beautiful background shine through the windows and doors. I kept wondering when the glitter and stars would come... and then, voila! Gorgeous work my friend.

Terri Corona said...

What a great idea, and beautifully executed! I love see through windows. And the happy spring colors are so uplifting. Wonderful as always!

Jill McDowell said...

Such fun to watch! Never thought of enlarging stamped images before. Great ideas. Liquid glass is new to me. I need to check it out

nspiegel said...

Such a fun and playful piece! Love the colors too.

Kristin said...

Thank you Jill and Nspiegel! xo

peggy gatto said...

Loving the wonderful Springtime art!

Sharon Fritchman said...

Hi Kristen! What a wonderful work of art made with Jessica's beautiful stamps! I love your gorgeous creation! I hope all is well with you, my friend! HUGS!

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