Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MMM: Together

5 x 5 Canvas: "Together"

The First thing I thought about when prompted to do a piece about being "together," was a poem I wrote a few years ago when Dave and I were hoping to become pregnant. We were in the midst of infertility issues and desperate to have "tiny giggles" in the home when I thought of the following words:

Like My Adonis
It's so quiet
But I hear you laughing
Tiny giggles
Sharp, clear
Echoing in the distance
And I see you smiling
Little, full lips
Pouty, perfected
Like my Adonis
Looking at me
Those big, green eyes
Always dancing
Always shining
Always caring
But green, not blue
Like my Adonis
Wrinkling your nose
Barley big enough
For Eskimo kisses
It's so quiet
But I hear you laughing
I see you smiling
Your green eyes dancing
Just like my Adonis
We're ready, little one
It's time to come home

We found out shortly after I wrote this that we would not be able to become pregnant, and that we would have to find another way to have the baby we so desired. We could not be more grateful for the chance we were given to have Kendra in our lives -- by way of adoption -- and now that we are hoping for a second child, this piece -- and those words -- fill me with hope, knowing that our baby is out there somewhere, waiting for us and allowing Kendra to be the big sister she is so hoping to be.

This piece represents our (nearly) four year old looking into the heavens, waiting for "her baby". It was done on a 5 x 5 canvas with acrylic, crackle medium, vintage children's illustrations and ledgers (on which the words are printed), colored pencils, white gel pen, silver, green, iridescent and glass glitter and 2 Swarovski crystals (on the wheels of the toy).

Thank you for looking! I look forward to next week's MMM prompt: "Stitches".


Diane said...

Kristin, this is a beautiful piece of art - and your poem from the heart if beautiful too. I'm so happy you have Kendra and I'm sending you best wishes for another child :-) Diane

Unknown said...

oh wow!! this is lovely...so great to meet you and thank you for popping by and saying hello!!!

vintage wil said...

Lovely pieces!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kendra, the collages are delightful and your post is very moving.

Crafty Mom said...

Kristin, this makes my heart ache and gives me hope at the same time!