Saturday, August 15, 2009

So here I am

I'm a newbie. After years of drooling over the blogs I've seen online and in the likes of Artful Blogging, I've finally stopped dragging my feet long enough to start a blog of my own.

My hope is to be able to share my artwork with other like minded paper and collage artists as well as to participate in and learn from weekly challenges such as those found on the Mixed Media Mondays and Inspire Me Thursdays websites. But really, I have no idea what I'm doing. I assume that time will take care of the technical aspects of running a blog that I have yet to understand, but in the meantime, I'm proud to have pushed aside my fear of not having something "perfect" to present long enough to just put myself out there.

So here I am: First and foremost, I am a Mommy. Since I don't know how long I'll be able to use the term "Mommy," I'm going to milk it. For now. My beautiful girl (am I allowed to brag?) is about to turn 4 (really, already?!) and is every bit a goofball. She loves reading, singing, the school she attends twice a week and anything else that an average boy would like. Yep, she would much rather play with balls than barrettes, which is especially funny if you knew how "girly" I am. She adores her Dad (I don't blame her) and on any given day can be found hiding under the pool table waiting for him to get home so that she can play puppies with him. Not actual dogs, pretend ones. More specifically, pretending that she is one. She even has a series of barks with different meanings. Sigh . . .

My husband Dave and I would love another baby (as does Kendra: she wants a brother and a sister -- "boof of 'um") and are currently trying to spread the word about our hope to adopt a second time. Fingers crossed, we will be lucky enough to have an adoption scenario as wonderful as our first. We have an amazing relationship with Kendra's Birth Mom, and although I never imagined as a child that I would be an adoptive Mom (or Mommy), I could not be more grateful for the chance we have been given to raise this baby that I love so deeply.

So, for fear (there's that word again) of boring you with my bio, I will stop there. For now. I have to get started (okay, finish. I tend to take forever on a piece!) on my first challenge for Mixed Media Mondays that I promised myself I would complete and post. So if you're reading this, please be kind. After all, I am a newbie!

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