Sunday, January 10, 2010

Journal Backgrounds

Leaf mask on top of layered acrylic

Coffee grounds, glue, acrylic, glitter and cinnamon
I have the new Art Journaling by Somerset Studio in my hot little hands and could not wait to try out some new techniques this week. I am so inspired by looking at examples of art journals; it is a practice that I would love to commit myself to. Having said that, although I have completed a couple of pages in the past, that is about the extent of it. But, with inspiration in hand, and with a further prompt to use things like cinnamon in my art (thanks to Aino's new blog), I have made a start. Now I think I will start a new book; this time using watercolor as a backdrop as - let's face it - I can't imagine how I will actually get a pen to work on some of the heavily textured pages above. Either way, I will let you know what happens. . . .

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