Sunday, January 10, 2010

Resolution Rebel

The new year is here and unlike most Januaries where I have a plan to start fresh - focusing on what I want to accomplish or resolve - this year I have been dragging my feet. Not that I don't want to loose a few lbs., or make my way to the gym more often (I would benefit from both of those), but I guess I just want to do it on my own terms for once. I suppose that this year, I am a Resolution Rebel. So, instead of focusing on my outward appearance or trying to make some lofty goal that I may just squash a few weeks in, for 2010, I have decided to take it one day at a time. My only focus will be to look for the beauty in everyday things. Look for the beauty in art, look for the beauty in nature, look for the beauty of words, thoughts and small moments that I don't want to take for granted. Yesterday Kendra and I actually made lemonade. We cut roses from our garden, placed flowers all over the house, and then took some lemons off our tree and made the most of them. The lemons were so sweet and the smell was beautiful. And see, it worked. Looking for the beauty in everyday things. Sometimes it's the simple things that make the most difference. . . .

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