Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday's Child

Illustration by Bernhard Oberdieck
Image provided by Monday's Child

When I was just a little girl
I'd say five or six or so
There was a secret place I'd head
(My Mum would never know)

I'll tell you friend, in a whisper
There was real magic up there
In the space between sleep and slumber
Up in the crisp, night air

Now, this is the part you'll just have to believe
(Otherwise, it wouldn't be fair)
But if I squeezed my eyes real tight,
On the belly of the Moon I'd appear!

I'd sit straight up, feet dangling
(Kitty Kelly always right by my side)
And I'd say to him without looking,
"How are you Sir, tonight?"

"Silly Sally," he'd tease with a smile
(I'm sure he'd wink if he could)
For the answer was always the same,
"As ever, I am more than good."

And from there we'd play without talking
(no need for words between friends)
Kitty Kelly, the Moon and I
In adventures that had no end.

Sometimes, we'd dance with the stars
Turning and spinning just so
Or sometimes pretend to be warriors
Hurling Orion's belt at a foe.

But mostly, we'd sit and wonder
How our grown-up life would be
When things that we would have to do
Would determine the things we would see.

And when the colors of dawn appeared
We'd yawn and stretch and say,
"Thank you, Good Night, for your freedom.
Until next time, we bid you Good Day."


The story above was created for Monday's Child, a new weekly challenge which asks those who are interested to create a children's story or verse in response to an image provided. To check it out yourself, please log on to

Kristin xo


signed...bkm said...

Wow! Kristin just darling - what a fabulous adventure with Kitty Kelly - it is always such a joy to view life through the eyes of child...
thank you so much for participating again this week...blessings from bkm of Monday's Child

Lisa said...

Oh I Love this! It took me right back to being a little girl and when I closed my eyes.... Such a delicious place to be.

My inner child is doing a happy dance right now!!

Tess1960 said...

Krisitn, What an awesome story and the image is wonderful. Oh to be young again and looking to the future in the stars. OOh My, I see the future is here. LOL! I'll be checking this out, thanks for letting me know about it.
Teresa aka Tess

Amy said...

Oh my, I agree..somedays I wish I were young worries..bills to pay etc..I Loved it back then-LOL..I Love will bring back anyone to childhood and dreams. Very dearing quote..I really enjoyed reading it.
I love the part of "As ever, I am more than good"..I love that part best. I wish everyone could feel that way..everyday!

brandi said...

~there is always magic to be found as long as you be as a child with only reverence from within...l♥vely words written...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Carin said...

Wow Kristin, just wow! So sweet!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh, that's wonderful Kristin!!! I would save them all in a book for your little girl...It would be such a treasure for her.

Julia Christie said...

Perfect! i was right there! Very sweet ~ I hope you read this to your little one.


Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

nice poem,
thank you for the fun.
I joined the team,
welcome for a visit.

My Creative House said...

Oh Kristin this is so beautiful and wonderful, and the story just perfect, love your work.

Mandy said...

gee have the are so is your book of adventures coming out???can i have signed copy when it does?????...xxxps...don't know if you've seen the photom on my blog...i took it specially for

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

Happy Friday!
pick 2 to 5 to enjoy or share with your friends.

Trudy Callan said...

Once again, I am amazed.

lissa said...

how delightful! great imagination

K J D said...

Beautiful. So moving. I especially love ....But mostly, we'd sit and wonder......


Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

voting time,

short stories,

thanks for the attention!