Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday's Child

Illustration by Dorothy Grider
Image provided by Monday's Child

Hurry, Doctor, hurry
The time is going fast
Hurry, Doctor, hurry
My puppy needs a cast

Yes, I've done what I can do
I'm even wearing my hat
But, you see, our faithful dog
Has been injured by the cat!

I tried to do my best
To wrap his wounds just so
But really, Doctor, really
He needs your help, I know

So when you get a chance
But as quickly as can be
Please bring up your doctor's kit
(Oh, and thanks so much Daddy)


The above was written in response to the new challenge blog, Monday's Child.

Kristin xo


brandi said...

~your a poet! i think a childrens book should be written...adorable ode to the sweet child and friend..warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Carin said...

Another sweet, sweet sweet Monday's Child, Kristin! You have such talent for this!

Faye said...

Wonderful poem to go along with that adorable image.

Julia Christie said...

Kristin - you have a natural talent! Dang this is so cute!!! I am not going to have time for my writing again this week, but hopefully next week...So impressed and delighted with your!


Unknown said...

this is so sweet......

scrapwordsmom said...

You are so good. I truly enjoy stopping by to read your poems:)

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Adorable!! This is my first attempt at Children's poetry... hopefully it isn't too bad... with great work like yours it is somewhat intimidating!

My first attempt at Monday's Child.

Amy said...

super adorable image Kristin!

Mandy said...

love love love it...you know i love your work, in all areas...i am thinking i would love to give a go at this writing thing....i wil check it out now...lol...xxx

K J D said...

Kristin, your words are just perfect for that beautiful image.


Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

your words sound urgent,
perfect match to the image!

awesome poem!