Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Loved This!

Close up of "Take it"

This just blew me away. Please allow me to explain. So just before Valentine's Day I participated in the Hearts prompt for Sunday Postcard Art and posted it here. Remember this?

Well, I took the 4 x 6 card to the printers shortly thereafter and made several copies which I included in Valentine packages - along with pink Swarovski crystal necklaces - that I gave to Kendra's teachers and some of my girlfriend's children. Packages were given to my little friend Ashton and her BFF Karlee.

Now, it just happened to be my birthday a few days later. And you won't believe what they gave me. These!!! They took my art, studied it, and gave it back to me in their own version! Is that not the coolest thing ever? Wanna see em?

Karlee, age 11
On Paper
Ashton, age 10
On Canvas

I was proud, happy and honored all wrapped up in one. And now, I'm starting to work with them, side-by-side, as we teach each other all about the world of Mixed Media. I'll let you know what I learn . . .

Oh! And speaking of great honor, I wanted to share this award I recently received from Debbie of Simply Debbie. We met during OWOH and she was so kind to think of me. Thank you Debbie, I am so grateful . . . and blushing . . .

Kristin xo


peggy gatto said...

so sweet, they had fun!!

Mandy said...

very cute twins love to do that as well...their own versions of what i cute...i so, that was very sweet giving them and how sweet making cards of

Unknown said...

oh these packages our so so sweet!!! I hope one is in the mail for me!!! lol!!!!

You are so amazing!!!!

Amy said...

oh yes, that is mighty sweet indeed lucky are you and how lucky are they..each receiving a wonderful gift.
I loved the children's art.
The idea was so cute of you to give them the little package of handmade love!!!!

Julia Christie said...

Congrats on your award - and how adorable that they honored you in such a special way!! They did a great job too!
How are you and Kendra doing - been absent of late, shame on me, but fun to see you are still producing such lovely art!


K J D said...

You are an inspiration! The girls art is wonderful, you will have fun exploring together.

Congrats on your award.... which you most definately deserve!

Love Karenx

Emily C. said...

Gratz on your award. And the kids drawing are good too! With much practice, I bet they can draw as good as you!

Veronica said...

Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it! Thank you so much!

JessiVille said...

Kristin, What a precious post! Congrats on your award - (I'm still confused about the blog awards,lol) I think it is so wonderful that you are teaching your art to a new generation - they are so receptive and talented!

E Makes Art said...

Oh my goodness...I totally missed your b-day in all my whirlwind! I'll make it up to you when we hang out!

I LOVE the girls versions of your special!