Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy January 2nd!

"I do think New Year's resolutions can't technically be expected to begin on New Year's Day, don't you? Since, because it's an extension of New Year's Eve, smokers are already on a smoking roll and cannot be expected to stop abruptly on the stroke of midnight with so much nicotine in the system. Also dieting on New Year's Day isn't a good idea as you can't eat rationally but really need to be free to consume whatever is necessary, moment by moment, in order to ease your hangover. I think it would be much more sensible if resolutions began generally on January the second."

- Helen Fielding
(From one of my favorite movies, Bridget Jones's Diary)


Jenny said...

Oh I love it one of my favorite movies too...
Happy New Year... may it be everything you dream it to be...

Jenny x

Dawn said... the movie and love this part of it!
(And I really Really like that chair:)))

I make no allows for my continual eating of my favorite things;)

scrapwordsmom said...

Yes, I agree!:) What a quaint little chair and what a darling background!

Mandy said...

oh...i do love that well...i have started a diet...and it was on the first....i usually wait til a

E Makes Art said...

ahhh... Brigitte Jones....good stuff! I love that chair!! What a great shot!


K J D said...

I totally agree! I love the chair too!!!!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and looking forward to sharing your creativity in 2011!

ps I so love your blog background!!!! It is SO sweet!!! :)


Amy said...

i love that rustic old chair...makes me wonder who has sat in it...very cool. I don't do resolutions..I just make some goals for myself.

HI Kristin..I've missed you and your art.